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Peanut Butter last night - Fuel line today !!!


Again this Forum has saved me time and $$$$.
I was so happy with the Peanut Butter results, I thought I would tackle another problem afflicting my 82 300 SD purchased 1 month ago. Both front electrical seats would move forward and backward but not up and down. The driver seat was stuck at it's lowest position. This proved to be a real problem for me, as I stand 5 feet 4 inches tall. Looking over that extra large steering wheel was a real challenge. I read a few postings
that explained how to fix the up and down movement on electrical seats using nothing more than fuel line and 2 hose clamps. I felt confident enough to give it a try. I awoke at 7:30AM this morning to start the procedure, I was a little nervous about removing the driver seat fearing if I messed something up I would have to call one of my employees to pick me up for work on Monday. All went well, I completed the driver side in a little over 3 hours, 2 of those hours were spent on one tough bolt. I figured out after completing the driver side seat that I didn't have to remove the seat at all , I just moved the passenger side seat full forward and I was able to do the work from the backseat area. I now have two fully functional front seats. When I invited my wonderful wife out to see my skillful and frugal work she was amazed at the results. I am grateful for all the wonderful information this forum provides. And I am now riding high with full vision of the road and all the curbs.

Thank You,


78 300 SD 146,000 needs a vacum pump
82 300 SD 215,000
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