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Question 300SDLHard Shifting @ Slow Speeds After 2 months storage

I recently got my 300SDL out of the garage after 2months of storage at my weekend house, I took it back to Houston and left my new one in the garage. Upon driving back home I was in traffic and I noticed that the shifting was more noticeable, hard, I know that Mercedes don't have the smoothest shifting trannys, this is my 3rd Mercedes, but I swear mine shifts harder after sitting up. But when I hit the gas pedal and the turbo engages you cant hardly even feel the changing gears, its shifts perfectly Its only at slow speeds that I feel the Harsh shifting. The car has 180k but it also has about a 2 year old Mercedes Reman Transmission. The fluid appears to be clean but it looks like their is a little much fluid now that I have checked it myself, being I usually take the car in for service, I want to have it changed but I hear horror stories about people that change it and their transmission problems worsen? why is that? Also I called a knowledgeable friend he said something about drive shaft plates, or center carrier bearing or possibly a Vacuum Trouble, which being a diesel he was almost certain that that was the problem? So please advise me change fluid? Maybe my new Toyota's the trouble because I cant even tell when the truck changes gears unless I look at the tach....

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