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wheel alignment or bushing problems?

Greetings All,

I am trying to make some sound decisions on my '80 300TD wagon as far troubleshooting the front end problem I seem to be having. After reviewing all the search options concerning alignment and front end wandering answers, I am still amiss at what I should be looking for.
The current problem is that the front wheels seem to wander the road a bit, generally to the left. I have checked the steering wheel play, and there's about a 1" total side to side so that seems to be tight. I do notice looking at the tires from the front that the right tire seems to be tilted in on the top more so than the left is. Like it's riding on the inner tire surface more so than the entire tread. I was going to take it in for an alignment but after reading some posts here, there may be other components, bushings etc. that could be causing this problem rendering the alignment a waste of money.
Can anyone tell me if this is perhaps a misalignment problem or what? If there are other items to look at please tell me where I should be looking and what signs indicate this part to be defective.


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