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No need to apologize. The decision to replace the OVP was mine, not yours. I took your advice, true, but only after doing a search and reading numerous posts by others whose problems were solved in a similar fashion. I'm happy to have replaced it even though it did not resolve the hot-restart problem. I consider it a bit of insurance considering it seems to be a known weakness anyway. I'd probably feel worse about it if it was a $400 part.

I could not agree more that proper testing and diagnosis is the right way to go. Unfortunately, I'm only a shade-tree mechanic at best. I enjoy tinkering and don't mind trying a few inexpensive part swaps in hopes of a quick-fix. Like the stock market, its a gamble (actually, the stock market is worse than a gamble). I replaced all my ignition stuff (wires, plugs, dist cap, rotor) hopeful that I'd resolve the problem. The car runs noticeably smoother and I was due for service anyway (120K).

The other problem is that I've not had good success with the mechanics that I've used. Generally I go home feeling ripped off. I'm looking forward to the new shop opening in Duluth, GA by our kind host. For now, I'll just stumble along for the first few minutes after re-starting.

Thanks to all.
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