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190E 2.6 fan clutch

I think that the fan clutch on my '92 190E 2.6 may be failing. Even though it has been hot here in Arkansas lately, I am almost positive that the aux. elec. fans are coming on much sooner and staying on longer. I try to let it cool off a little after pulling into the garage on a hot day, before turning the engine off. I will often increase the idle speed to around 1500 and wait until it cools enough to turn off the electric fans. They will not shut off any more, they just keep running, and the temperature stays just above 100. Cruising along about 45 mph it runs somewhere in the 80's. I can spin the main engine fan when the engine is hot, and it will turn 90 degrees or so, and then stop. I called the dealer to order a new fan clutch, and the parts guy said that they had never ordered one before, therefore it was probably something else. I checked on Fastlane, and the part is not available.

I feel fairly confident with my diagnosis, but as the new part is $150.00, I thought I might ask you guys if you agree with me before I take the plunge.
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