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Unhappy Help new MB owner, very confused

Dear pros

I just bought a 1986 300D (no turbo), 162K mi. I have noticed a little bit of blueish smoke whenever I start it every morning and while it is idle (ex. waiting for green light). Compared to my 84 190D, 2.2 4-matic and a Gas Ford Contour 2.0 I believe there is no power loss (first MB of this kind so that's why Iīm not so sure about power). No coolant in oil and I donīt feel a major oil consumption.

I can also hear a clanky sound... greater while idle too. I am pretty confused and since I live in Nicaragua, it's kind of hard to get real experts around hear.

Before any major job I would like to be completly sure of what I must do, since here I have two different opinions 1.- injectors, 2.- piston rings, but it is kind of hard for me to believe.

Please HELP, I love this car a childs dream came true.
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