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E-Brake noise / adjustment???

I'll start by confessing I'm an idiot.

With that out of the way, if anyone can answer me here, that'd be great. I attempted to mount the rear wheels with different lug nuts to see if they'd work, they were longer than the factory ones (misplaced the orig's, long story). When I tried to turn the rear wheel a 1/4 turn to check for interference, there was an audible metalic clicking. I obviously removed them immediately and got the right lugs.

Anyway, now the left rear tire squeaks when the car is rolling slowly. I'm assuming I muffed something in the e-brake.

Any thoughts what a long lug may have 'poked'? Anyone feel like hand holding me through caliper / rotor removal and e-brake inspection.

Also, how does one adjust a (properly working) e-brake.

Thanks to anyone, and, again, I'm an idiot, I'm fully aware of this...


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