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ACC problems on 83 W126-help!?

this has been kind of an ongoing problem. It started out very flukish and now is happening at least 50% of the time. The problem is my blower will kick in and then shut off. If i wiggle the switch it comes back in and then as soon as i release the switch it shuts off. This is true regaurdless of the a/c button, vent button, or multi directional button. The rest of the unit works perfectly, it even will switch to heat from cold. I'd like to know how complex this thing is, and if possible detailed dirrections on how to get it out of the car. I can get as far as taking the two bolts at the front out, but it still feels VERY attached to something back there. Getting the wood out of the way is no problem. thanks in advance for your help, i've got several long car trips ahead of me that would be a bear without a/c.
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