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Hi thanks for the reply, I have replaced every bush on the car apart from the control arm bushes , my car as Eibach springs and I pressumed that the 16v arms may be shorter [ to enable the correct camber with lower ride height] or stiffer/ reenforced?,
so it looks like I was wrong, so I should just fit new 16v type bushes to my original arms?. Why are there three types of control arm?
My car is about to have a alignment check and i want to get this all done beforehand, it is fitted with a sportline antisway bar and 215/45x17 tyres but still feels vague around straight ahead and slow to turn in. Iam hoping the alignment cures some of these faults. Is the 16v steering box worth fitting or am i chasing the wild goose once again?
Thanks again Linds UK
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