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I am disappointed to report that the front seal is indeed leaking. I wonder if it is due to the many successive oil changes where I refilled the engine with almost 8 quarts each time...?

Larry, I'm not going to attempt this repair, so I hope that the independent mechanic is aware of the caveats you mentioned concerning the harmonic balancer. When I first met him, I asked if he was ASE or Bosch certified, and he looked at me as if I'd insulted him and his entire family. He said no he was NOT certified, but he's "got about 25 years MB experience," which is apparently better than any damned certificate. Who am I to argue?

Anyway, I think I will go ahead and do some of the work myself, such as the oil filter housing gasket replacement, flex pipe replacement, and possibly the center bearing replacement. Any helpful suggestions on this last item? It looks daunting...
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