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Enviromental Hazard

I have an oil leak of epic proportions (190 2.3, 1992). On a recent road trip I went through a quart of oil before going through a tank of gas. When I look under the hood I don't see the source and I haven't been able to get underneath to get a good look around. I know I am not burning the oil. I can see all the oil on the underside of the car and it drips after being driven and while running. It doesn't drip when not running. I also seem to have fine oil pressure and there has never been a reduction in power or suspicious noises.

I plan on getting underneath to find the source. Does any one have a clue as to a likely problem or source of the leak? I am hoping this can be a home project as I can do most stuff but a little hint would be great.

Problem number 2:
My speedometer only works part time since the previous big trip that only my wife took. I only need to know where the connections are for the speedo cable. (I know it might be a simple thing to locate but I just haven't looked yet and a hint would be well appreciated.)

Thanks for all your help.
'92 190E 2.3 200K
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