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Shinji Shimizu
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Pls see MBCA info.

Hi Jim,
Though I have been a ROM, I am a new (registered) here.
I think the following information is helpful for you.

I own two 190E 2.3-16Vs. One of them that I have owned more than 10 years had a same problem. I opened the amplifier and found a crack at solder joint. So I fixed it but it was not enough for my amplifier. A lot of electrolysis condensers are used on the board of amp. That kind of condensers are usually exhausted in 7 to 15 years depend on the environment.
I changed all the electrolysis condensers that cost only $15. I think you can purchase that stuff at Radio Shake or like that. (Ifm not sure.)
My amp was fixed in that way. I hope it would help you. Good luck!

Shinji Shimizu
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