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Head gasket problems can show up at most any time. I had mine replaced a few months ago at 62,000. Even though it did not make me happy, this is still the best car I have ever had. I have had it since new and love it.

I had another problem this year with a mass air flow sensor. Five minutes to fix but cost $250 to do myself.

I had a couple of computer problems before the car had even 5,000 miles on it but they were fixed under warranty and I have not had any since. The car now has 73,000.

I recently had the damper on the belt tensioner replaced. It was not that big a problem but I had a hard time finding why the car was "knocking" at idle.

Other problems with the model: Minor oil leaks at the front are irritating but can be fixed by someone who really knows how. Be sure it is not the head gasket though. The under hood insulation on wiring on some cars just falls off (mine seems fine). Look for posts on this. Brake pads seem to wear out quickly but are easy to replace and cheap.
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