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Hard to steer, particularly at slow speeds

1999 MB E320 wagon-AWD- 36,000 miles--has always been difficult to turn, particularly at slow speeds like parking and turning around in the driveway. Car has been in shop several times-pumps, hoses, and steering column parts have been replaced--Drove a friends car of exact same year, model,AWD, and much easier to steer. I complained for the first year and was basicly ignorred by the dealer(salesman), until I experienced two incidents when parrellel parking in summer, 2000, when, all of a sudden, the wheel became very easy to turn, as if the power steering kicked on or up. This has not happened again and the dealer has not fixed the problem. The car has been at the shop now at least 4 weeks(maybe longer) over several visits with no improvement in steering at all. Very upset!! Please help.

Should there be some type of power steering boast when manuevering at low speeds? My friend's car was dramatically easier to turn at lower speeds, but handled more similarly to mine on the highway. Have you heard of other similar complaints? I have contacted MB Customer Service and am awaiting a call from the area representative.
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