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Ruby Tuesday
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220S ??

cth350, It has the fins and also stacked headlights, and wrap around bumpers front and rear. Though I don`t see a listing for the 220S, is it possible the present owner may be mistaken??
The list for the "Fin-body Sedans includes Models 220b/230S/220Sb/and finally 220SEb, but no "220S".!!! Looks to me that it is certainly a W111, but I`m not clear on the model designation. In any event does this particular vehicle hold any $$value if it was restored to mint condition?? It is presently running and could easily be used as daily runner but would bring the mileage up and the value down so it`s kinda a "catch 22"!!
I don`t have a lot of time to decide one way or the other because others have expressed interest and if I delay to long my decision, oopps there goes another one by the way side. I do appreciate your time and feedback and thank-you kindly for the quick return reply.
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