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Golf bag dragged across my hood in parking lot!!!

Walking back from the driving range to my car on Sunday, I approached in time to see a large man drag the base of his golf bag across the hood of my 300E! He glanced back and kept walking. I called him over and showed him the 12" gouge in my hood. He agreed to pay and the car is now at the body shop.

I'd thought about parking in the very back of the lot but it wasn't very crowded and I had my 6 year old with me. . .OK, I got lazy and parked near the front of the lot.

What irks me is that he kept on walking after scraping up my hood. If I had not been 30 yards behind him at the time, I am absolutely sure he would not have left a note ( it was clear by his demeanor that he was trying to escape).

Anyway, I'm having it touched up, wet sanded and polished rather than repainting the entire front clip. The car has original paint and fortunately, the scrape didn't dent.

The moral of the story is. . .don't be lazy. It's worth the hassle to walk a few extra yards to protect your baby.

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