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Sorry to read of the damage. It is yet another case of indifference coupled with irresponsibility. Happens way too often. At least you caught the culprit and he was willing to pay without a fuss (or so it seems from your notes).

Unless I have no alternative, I always park at the back of the lot, away from everyone and take 2 parking spots. Okay, sometimes I’ll park adjacent to someone else taking 2 spots. It is the 21st century form of car-preservation.

What is ironic (for me anyway) about this, is that when traveling with my SO, there is almost always (as in more than 95% of the time) a front row parking space available, wherever we go. This has been the case for over 10 years. She is extraordinarily lucky that way. Just goes to show that the “obvious” opportunity is not what it may appear to be…..


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