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Vance, in these vintages, the first three numbers of the VIN denote the body style. From your decription it is a 111 chasis. The number posted on the auto, i.e. 220, denote the engine size. A 220 is 2200cc's, or 2.2 liter. The S denotes "super", or the deluxe version, and E is einspritz or fuel injection.
Additional a "b", or even "c" indicates a revision to the model and those letters are posted only in documents.
Value is subjetive. What your interest is has a lot to do with the value. In this case, these are great cars, but not historic or "collectable". If you want to have fun as a diy'er, these are great to work on. Manuals and parts are available and there is a good support group here. Decision time, good luck. Ed
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