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1990 190E rear diff going bad

I got a 1990 190E 2.6 stock setup w/ a growl inthe rear diff that is getting worse. SHop I use found a new one in Jersey they will install for $1900. I found a used one for $350 I have to install. Anyone know what diff from what years I can use to replace my bad one? I was told a 1990 190E 2.6 could use a 1991 rear diff, but a 1992 will not work. Will older ones work? I really would like to get the posi rear diff from something to install. Please help. The swap is a fairly simple one as far as the work goes, I just need to know which ones will mate up correctly. Posi rear diff option was out there, I would like that ...

Oh hey, Is there any truth to the comments I have hear several shops tell me that the rear diffs are not worth "rebuilding", replace them or do nothing till they go out is what I am told.
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