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At long last, the Racka Racka is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The oil pump check valve was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After having attempted all the above items in my previous post that I have mentioned, we finally found time to attempt the last item (i.e. replacement of the oil pump checkvalve).

While the replacement part provided by the dealer does not fit (the new part is some 27 mm diameter and the hole from which the old part comes out is only 24 mm diameter), we did take the opportunity to remove all the internal parts, the outer screw, the plunger, the spring, and the most internal part the metal bushing, and clean all the above prior to reinstalling them.

I must say we were disappointed spending 2 hours to cool the car down, remove the dust cover, the lower oil pan, then the oil pump check valve only to discover that the part doesn't fit. So we cleaned up the old parts, reinstalled them, and made plans to return the incorrect parts the next day.

However, I was pleasantly pleased the next morning when the racka-racka sound was not there. It has never returned since.

Steve & Donnie & all the others. I can't say thanks enough.

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