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Oh, I will take a stab at it and suffer the consequences...

$3.50 does not cause an economic catastrophe, it has not even put a dent in the overall economy numbers or pushed inflation yet. Surveys state people still plan to continue driving.

Around that time we will start to up our own production. Currently we are pumping the oil out of other countries at alarming rates, while leaving ours greatly untouched. Iran may actually have a point about running dry in a few decades, then what are they going to do? (presuming they are still around)

Hello, China is working a deal right now with Cuba and will be drilling something like 45 miles off Florida before long.

Aren't SUV sales still down?

Look at diesel & diodiesel. Check out the latest Car & Driver, Cadillac is selling a diesel in Europe that is actually a Saab with a 1.9 turbo-diesel @ 150hp. Saturn also has a concept car with a diesel and twin-turbo's.

Oops, kids gotta get to bed no time to finish thoughts or check for accuracy/clarity.

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