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i predict in 10-16 months or so oil will be @ 45-50 a bbl if the saudi fields are anything what they should be..

if it is not, then you can bet your ripped seat cushion we peaked, and will have to get an even larger majority of our oil from canada, which generously provides most of our goo..

middle east oil ranges 22-26% of import oil. with many countries starting to drill in the gulf of mexico for oil, things could get volotile.

the only reason i remotely can give the peak thing a thought, is the fact overall exxon production was actually down 3% last year. where they were scheduled to pick it up bigtime, and it still should have been up 10% even with the katrine/rita problems.

if that is the case, then 5 bux wont be too bad, and the eu will actually have to do something.

we have the technology to increase power from smaller mills to get better milage, just not the demand. hell the big 3 still has not invested in the rotory valve technology coats has...remember the hotrod artical in the 90's of that 5.0 they had. doubled he power. and still increased efficiency. something like that on a 2.0 td 4 whizzer would go a long way on a gallon of 50/50 second gen a21.

some foriegn company probably swooped it up though.
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