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Originally Posted by aklim
I don't buy brand new because I don't want to take the first hit of depreciation. This way I can mod any car I want without worrying about warranty. So, what is your solution? Wait for 10-15 years when the new program comes then buy it? What if a new program comes out in 2 years after that? Can't keep chasing the fuel programs.
No you can't. My 210 was nearly ten years old when I got it, but cost less than one-fourth of its new price, not counting inflation. That extra 30K over ten years will buy a hell of a lot of fuel, even at extremely inflated prices. And now the depreciation has slowed, but it's still more than the difference between fuel cost of my car and the most efficient ride available.

Not that I want to modify a daily-driver, mind you. I save that sort of thing for toys, even though I am my own warranty, as are you.
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