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I donít know if RL would make it ejaculate sooner or later based on less miles traveled, necessarily. Of course if the engine hasnít built up much carbon, you canít expect much of an ejaculation.

But, give it a try! If it has had only 51K of freeway miles, Iíd hazard a guess that it might not ejaculate much if at all. OTOH, if you use it a lot in the city it might just ejaculate big time -- I put RL in one car at 70K miles and it left a cloud or ejecta that stretched for what seemed like a mile. My 400ís recent experience was a miniscule 100 yards. But what a hundred yards!

It would be cool to do an experiment and find a good high mileage E class, used around town to run some RL through, and see if we can get a video of it ejaculate about 100K miles of carbon and soot.

Give it a try! And report back! We can tabulate the results~

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