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Mike. whats up friend. I drove Mark stetsons thorugh the Palos Verdes hill sides. Alot of tight right and left handers. He's running EVO's on 17s very smooth. Hardly any body roll. I think I may have an offset problem. But I was told all 129 SL chasis wheels fit on our 124 chasis hassle free. I know im running some big meats.
Even with the E's flared fenders you think clearance wouldnt be and issue. But every time I hit a hard right hander the body is very unstable and leans. My fronts are planted with Koni adjustables at the firmest setting. Im just pissed off. Im furstrated
Im getting some H&R's this friday. Im going to install them saturday and see what happens. A 1995 500E came in last week look hot sat lower than mine with brabus 18s 275/35/18 rears. I drove it no sway at all. It had H&R's with the stock shocks in the rears just like mine. I looked at the offset. It was ET 35 just like mine. Give me some feed back thanks mike.
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