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One year later. (4/29/06)

Passed again...

2speed idle---Limit-Reading-P/F-----Limit-Reading-P/F---Read-Resu-Read-Resu
2500 rmp------1.2---0.56----Pass------220---80----Pass---2329-Valid--15.0-Valid

Not so sure of the exact test conditions, as I was not present at the test station during the test, but the tech said he let it idle in advance of the test as I had requested.

Less than two month old plugs and O2 sensor.
Regular Sea-Foam treatments (1/3 bottle ported into the intake manifold and burned off at 2500 rpm's)

An interesting side note: my gas cap failed the first pressure test and the tech called me to advise... he gave me the option of supplying my own part... I had purchased a new gas cap seal from Phill a little while back so I told him I would bring it down. My gas cap had been run over by something in a little memory related filling station accidet I had over the winter so I was not completely confident in it's integrety, so I stoped at the local parts chain and bought a $3.97 replacement cap on my way to the test station as a backup. When I got there I handed the tech the new cap fresh from it's packageing. The NEW cap failed the pressure test! So I popped the old seal off the OEM cap and replaced it with the fresh one, while the tech stood shaking his head. The 20 year old run-over MB cap with brand new seal proceded to pass. Moral: Beware cheap junk!

1986 300E 220,000 miles+ transmission impossible
(Now waiting under a bridge in order to become one)

Reading your M103 duty cycle:

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