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Thanks for all the input, guys. I'm just starting to dig into the fuel injection system and I've found all kinds or brittle connectors, scraped off wire insulation, exposed conductors, etc. that would be typical of a 33 year old car. Since I don't have to drive it right now my plan is to replace as many connectors as I can and strip back the wires in the harness to a point where the insulation is good. Then I'll check the sensors and switches to see that they're working right and replace as necessary. I've also ordered the pertonix ignitor so the dwell angle (although now exactly right) won't be an issue any more. General tune up things too like cap, rotor, plugs, wires, filters, etc. That should make a difference. One thing I could really use is the Bosch ECU tester. Any ideas on where I can get one?

I"ve had this car for over a year and just found this forum this week. What a find!

Thanks again.
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