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Unhappy 420SE Sunroof Cable Mangled!

DOH!! I have always had a problem with my sunroof not tilting up properly, it does (or did) slide back and forth very smoothly though. It got stuck on a slight tilt at the weekend, and I finally got it to close by jumping up and down on the roof.

Any way, I checked the motor and cable in the trunk, and two things have happened.
1] the bronze color tube that I assume encases the cable has come loose and is sitting in the bottom of the trunk.

2] The spring around the cable has been totally chewed up for a total length of about 2 inches, about 8 inches or so from the very end.

I can now only slide the sunroof back, which still works OK, when I want it to return, it will not tilt back up to be flush with the roof, instead I have to actually press the button upward in order for it to return to the normal position.

Anybody got a good idea on what I can do to make things right ?

BTW. I have only had the car for a month, and it is my first Merc ever, so go easy on me with the technical words.

I must say how damned impressed I am with all of the posts here and the site in general, this has to go down as one of the best, and most useful sites I have ever encountered!
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