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Originally Posted by mctwin2kman
Our test PC saves the results and sends it to PennDOT. Only way to fake it would be use an existing good car and not your own. I would have to ask the Techs if this is possible on OBD-II equipped cars, but know of course it is possible on pre-OBD-II. Basically you should be able to just give them your VIN and they use a diferent car to test and then they give you the sticker. Our guys will not do anything shadey, not even for the IT guy who keeps there crap working.
Right. From what I have seen, here in Allegheny county, there is a test machine that is connected directly to Harrisburg. The tech puts the gas analyzer in the tail pipe, punches in the vin#, and idles and or holds it at 2500 rpm's as directed by the equipment. Then the device indicates Pass or Fail and prints out a report. If the car fails the tech is supposed to do conditioning (top off oil and heat up the car) and run the test again. If the car fails the second test it's owner is given a report of the best of the two results and a pamphlet that describes possible causes. You have 30 days to make repairs and return to the test station for a retest (same as 1st) at no additional cost...

As to faking the results I am sure it could be done because I have heard of people buying their inspection and emissions stickers for aprox $100.00 -$200.00... But the state also offers a waiver for owners who spend a documented $150.00+ on emissions related repairs and still fail to pass so it does not seem to make much sense to buy an ilegal sticker when you could have a legal one for not much more money and the 'fresh' parts to boot...

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