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OK, I went to my guy today (for oil change). After filling in the new oil, he started the car, and there it was, the rattling sound for a couple of seconds. I heard it from 40 feet away. When he was done, I asked him about it, and he said he didn't hear it!! Then I asked him how many hours would be (labor) for the timing chain, tensioner and upper rails, and he said 8 hours (Yes, I am never going back to him again!!).

My question is - how may hours labor should it be to change the timing chain, tensioner and upper rails (and anything else that is within easy reach in this job, and should be done)? The dealer says 5 hours, this guys says 8, many people on the web say 2 hours - that's a big range.

Steve/Benzmac - could you please enlighten me on this?

Also, does having fresh oil in the engine give me some more time (maybe a month or so) to get it done, or it doesn't matter, I should get it done right away? Just want to space out some expenses. But don't want the engine ruined either!

1985 190E 2.3 (120K)
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