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I Might be Cheap and Lazy

Well, the car continues to run without any hint of trouble even though the outer axle boot on the passenger side has lost its oil. I did a "West Virginia" repair - duct tape wrapped directly over the cracked region of the boot. This was done with Mil-Spec (Olive Drab) ultra-sticky cloth tape, cut to the right width - so far it has held well. Of course it won't keep oil in the boot.

Now I'm toying with the idea of drilling a tiny hole (1/16th inch) in the metal can over the CV joint. This will allow me to use a needle fitting on a grease gun to periodically inject high-temp wheel bearing grease. Then the hole can be closed with a tiny screw. The intent is to keep the outer CV joint lubricated so it will last considerably longer......

I keep going back to the thought of spending $600 to replace both half-axles (I'm not getting under there to do one now and then have to go back and do the other in 3-6 months) and then considering possible alternatives.

So, I'm looking for comments on whether this is the right grease to use in a CV situation.

'82 300D
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