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Old diesel, I am not a know it all.

Sometimes my answers will be wrong.
Why I hope this will totally work out is that I feel I should contribute something of some worth to the members that follow this site.

You have all freely given me so much.
I will in concert with others try to take this to the maximum practical applications.
It is the best potential thing to help people keep the ownership costs down and improve ease of service as information is gathered.
You also will not have to be a rocket scientist to apply it either.

What really concerns me is that I also have the faint outline of something else in mind not related to the above.
But might be practical as well.
Will have to wait to see how this goes first.
See many applications not even even mentioned yet for the millivolt system.

Right now it is gathering data and dealing with any modifications that are required plus supporting users that must have attention as they arise.
Every successful conclusion is going to give it a boost till it becomes the preferred method if possible.

Also it was only partially in jest.
A manual will have to be developed for complete utilization of the system down the road I think.
Right now we are just playing around the edges.

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