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Coldwar, for Volkswagen just loosening the mount bolts a little and tapping the pump with a wooden block and light hammer taps seems to do it.

I do not know how to describe the strength of tapping other than it depends on the leverage axis on the type of pump you are adjusting and you might feel better with a pry bar used reasonably...

I assume the worst probable senario is the pump would turn to the adjustment stop limits if the bolts were too loose and the hard line resistance was overcome by the engine.

I wish I had done a Mercedes pump so I could answer this better.
Guess after all is said and done you loosen the mount fastenings until you can budge by tapping or levering the pump.
Probably have to start and stop the engine a few times to find that situation.
You do not want to loosen more than required.
Yet you have to be able to move the pump a little with reasonable force.
You cannot make it loose enough to turn by hand in my opinion.


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