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94 C220 - Front Electric Fans - Rewire?

My 1994 C220 Electric Fans in front of the radiator need to come on more than they do to keep the condensor cool in the hot South Florida sun. Is there a way to wire the three wires that go to the dryer switch so the fans stay on all the time? There is a red with white wire, a brown with blue wire and brown with yellow wire that go the the pressure switch in the dryer. At first I thought there was a way ground one of the wires to close the circuit but this didn't work. Just about every A/C part on this car is brand new and the A/C works great going down the road, but when sitting I lose cold air from the vents. With 138,000 miles on the car I can say that if it wasn't for the A/C system it is a great car. The A/C on the car has been a real nightmere!!!!!

Thanks for any input you may have!


94 C220
89 300SE (never breaks!)
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