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Check Engine Light: cruise control&EGR

Hi everyone... I just got my car back from the shop while they checked out my latest problem with my check engine light. Result:
1. Trouble code PO400 = EGR flow function...
performed electrical test program= connect test cable and socket box. #38.0 =pin 69-39=13.5V. (OK)
#38.1=pin 32-69=0.5 amp (OK) test vacuum=> 400 mbar (good)

2. code #CC009 repace cruise control module = erase trouble codes.

Anyway.. the tech erased the codes and the light is currently off. I was just wondering if I should be worried about anything happening? Our car has had so many EGR valve problems... does anyone know if there could be an underlying problem elsewhere in the system to cause the EGR valve to fail so often? The EGR was just replaced in march. Any insights on this will be appreciated!!!

Also... the cruise control module was also just replaced two years ago...1000 dollar job! These things keep occurring on this car... I know it's eight years old and some of the wire harnesses have been replaced due to deterioration. Anyhow, anyone, insights PLease?

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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