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ahh operative word "properly maintained". last MB service was '99. then the local gas station mech just changed the oil as far as i can tell which is all i wanted to make sure off.

i misunderstood steve's reply and see that there is no adjustment for A/F ration which is usual on many cars these days. the car i had this same situation on was a little mitsu turbo that had a fairly sophisticated head (for its time) that had three valves per cylinder. the third valve was there to ensure a clean burn. it also didn't have an a/f adjustment. i remember the reading after i changed the plugs after it failed was way under the limit. i just draw similarities because that car also had limited use throughout the year with trips typically < 5 miles. i religiously changed the plugs every time i brought it in for inspection in the 9 yrs i had it and it never failed except for that one time.

bottom line, i guess my options are limited. i'll change the plugs and take it in for inspection. then i'll just have to go from there.

thanks for all the input.

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