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what do you pay for tranny service?

my newly acquired '93 300e-2.8 does not kickdown at moderate speeds - something that appears to be somewhat common. it shifts normally otherwise. i have yet to fully explored this quirk. i am inclined to change the tranny fluid right away as the previous owners claimed to have lost most of the records. well, guess what, i found some of them in the car and among other things i discovered that the tranny is only 20k miles old as it was replaced a couple of years ago by MB. i think that was the last service at MB and i saw that new brakes/rotors had been put on too. i'm somewhat relieved to discover that these services were performed. i'm somewhat concerned that they changed the tranny at 33000 miles (symptom was "no forward motion"). plus side is i have a 19k miles young transmission.

now i usually change fluids every 15k, dropping the pan every 3rd change. the fluid is usually very clean when i do this. i asked around and one of the local tranny shops wants to charge $90 to drop the pan, do the gasket / filter. is this ballpark? what do the dealerships charge? it's not due for another 8k miles but i'd like to set a baseline to evaluate the problem if there is one.
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