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I haven't done any MB struts personally but I suspect the top nut removal problem is similar on most cars with struts. I have always cautiously used an air impact wrench on the upper nut prior to installing the spring compressor. The spring force on the threads combined with the typically used locking nuts permits a controlled, slow unscrewing of the nut. It also provides sufficient counterholding force to keep the shaft from turning much. When the top of the nut reaches the top thread, I install the spring compressor and proceed. Most cars I've seen have a cap over the upper strut mount nut that keeps corrosion from being an issue. Installation is the reverse of removal, of course. I don't have a really powerful impact wrench but if I did, I'd snug it down even more carefully than I do. I'd also tune it down for the removal as to pop the nut off prior to compressor installation would turn the job into a real PITA. Installing the compressor just snug enough to prevent further extension before beginning but not so much that you are relieving spring force might be prudent.
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