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I would do it, and the uniform tint look is what I like most.

Depending on the color of your car is dependent ont he color of tint.

For white, gold, champagne, toupe, brown, and other similar colors, a good bronze tint looks best.

For black, and most other colors, black tint works well.

For red, you can get red tint, not sure if I like that though.

For blue, you can get blue tint, looks good, Mbenz has his in blue, and I like it.

For silver I like a good black or slightly mirrored tint.

As far as prices, $179 seems good. I'd see about their warranty and their end results.

I have a guy who will come to your home or office and do the install, but not sure on his prices, he does it for a friend of mine who uses him for his stereo shop.

My dad recently had them do the windows on his cars. they came to his office, and had it done within the day, both cars. Came out looking great. Not sure how much he paid though. And I wish my dad had gone with the bronze tint on the white car, but he wanted darker, so he went with the black.

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