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I have noticed the loss in high-speed stability! Glad that will clear it up. $500 is a little much, but oh well...! And I will definitly not miss the thunk that scares the living crap out of me when driving 90 and all of a sudden I hear and feel this loud thunk! Damn!

And as for school... well it has been an absolute NIGHTMARE so far... I go to the local Junior College (OCC).
Ok, when I first registered for my classes (over the phone), back in July, I didn't pay at the time because my parents were in Europe and I didn't have their Credit Card number. So I thought Ok I will pay later. Well I go to school on Monday only to find out that I have been dropped from ALL of my classes because I hadn't payed!! So I thought, Ok, it will be fine, I will petition all of the classes and get back into them. WRONG, most of the classes are already so full and many petitioners in line in front of me...! SO of the 7 classes I tried to petition this past week, I got into only 2. I thought, ok, I can go to Coastline Community college and get 2 classes there (mostly internet classes). Well I go to do that and their internet classes are filled! I still am trying to figure out how an internet class can be full! I then went to the school administration to see what I could do to petition some of them. The lady said there was NOTHING I could do. I began to think OMG my parents are going to kill me when they find out I am only in 2 classes... and how this well slow my entire schooling. After I left that office I just wanted to cry, I was SO mad. And to add to the frustration of school, the computers at work all failed to work, and the office manager has been out of town all week. I was unable to do any of my work. And our regular computer person (parent's good friend) was out of town also. So I had to call a million different computer people to come help us out. Finally I found guy and he had to spend 2 days over here fixing them (@ $150 an hour....). They finally got fixed, but I was behind on deadlines that had to have completed documents sent back to OCTA; we have a contract with them. ANd I kept forgetting things and would have to drive 20 miles here and there to pick up correspondence documents!!
And then on Friday, I think, ok, things are getting a little better, I am just worried about only having 2 classes. So I go to school to register the 2 classes that I had petitioned for. Well I get to school and see the line is 1/2 a mile long... it took me 8 minutes to get to the end of it (Let me tell you... you DO NOT miss school). I then find out that petitioners still have another week to get more classes and register! This made me happier than anything! After 3 hours of sleep, and a previous 18 hour day of work, school, driving, and stress, this was music to my ears (besides the Bose sound system in my Mercedes of course )
Anyway, it is now Sunday, and I am here at work doing a lot of the work that had backed up. And I still have to drive about 65 miles today to drop off more papers. I swear I have never had such a... productive (actually, lack there of) week in my life. I guess it's WELCOME TO the real world, huh?
And to add to all of that crap, I have been diagnosed with tendinitis in my left wrist from all of the typing I do!
And on another note, I have just felt lost lately... I went to a boarding school for my senior year in HS, and when I got back, I just was so glad to be home, I did not want to go ANYWHERE (for school I mean). I was happy to be home. But now I have that craving to go away to school. I have had the desire to live in the dorms, meet a bunch of new people, and have a real change. Maybe San Diego or something. I am so OVER LA, atleast for many people in my age group, so lame and SO FAKE! So I don't know exactly what I will be doing... but something must change.
Jeez, sorry this is so long... but you asked!! :p
Hopefully this next week will be better, and the week after that, things will be in place... constructively speaking. What I want to do and where I want to go still needs some more time... but I guess that's part of growing up.......
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