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yeah, why?

if the cars are built beyond the comprehension of ordinary service techs its prolly beyond mine also. these cars prolly will be for sale soon as i cannot afford them any longer. all sales will most likely include a full tank of biodiesel.
[1981 300 td tdidi 165500 dark brown/palamino-Brownie-mine-3k miles of ownership
1983 240d 162+++ Anthricite grey w/ henna red interior and hella lights-wifes car-Red

the above two cars are for sale
and can be seen on the cars for sale thread here. pix also available.

240d-144+ Manilla Yellow w/ palmino interior-greasecar kit-Blondie-the college kids car

23" gt 21 speed still on original tires-still got the nubs
21" khs tandem

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