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205/70 is considerably larger than stock size for a 240. i have had at least 8 240s. i find they are happiest, imho, with the correct size tires. sharp steering and excellent ride and handling. bigger tires will make it ride harder, your speedo will be off and you will lose gear ratio, so acceleration will be slowed.

the 175r14 is actually a 175/80 i believe, but you can check a tire chart for actual diameter. a 195/70 or 195/65 or 195/75 is the same diameter i cant remember which is the same diameter as the 175r14. whichever is the same diameter is what is the factory optional recommended size. the same diameter is what i recommend after the 175r14 which can be a little hard to find.

i would check your odo against the mile markers on the interstate. your mileage is good and may be just good running or your odo could be slipping and making it look better.

i have found the most common cruise problem is bad amp. i have never tried to repair it myself.

my $.02

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