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Oil Filter semi-tech question

I have just changed the filter of the 1994 E320 wagon that I recently purchased. This is the first car that I have owned that has a cartridge filter on it. From reading this list, I bought one of the recommended brands (MANN) and proceeded to install it.

Everything went well, but I noticed a difference between the one that was in there and the MANN filter. The old one had a metal rim on the top and bottom of the filter and had holes in the outer cover. The MANN looked a little more like the paper in an air filter and had no metal on it at all.

It went on without any problems, and the job wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. here are my questions:

1) Does it sound like I installed the correct filter in the correct way?

2) Should I have poured any oil into the housing before installing the cap? (That doesn't look like it would be easy to do.)

3) Is that paper on the MANN filter as durable as the ones that are made with the metal rim?

4) Just what does the filter really do? I know that all engine oil comes in through one pipe in the housing, goes through the filter, and out another pipe. What is actually being filtered out of the oil?

Thanks in advance for your replies. I have taken much of the advice that I was offered in other posts that I made and every one of those suggestions were most helpful.

Jack Wiles
1994 E320 Wagon - And loving it!
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