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I'm mystified by these 420 problems


The car..... .......1991 420SEL
The mileage......,161,000 well maintained

The main problem......While sitting at idle (600rpm) in park I press lightly on the accelorator brining the revs up to 1000. it will stay at 1000 for a few seconds then suddenly fall off to maybe 400 then quickly go back to 1000. It will also do this if the car is coasting at 5-10 mph and I step lightly on the pedal. It is kind of a surging feel. It's not a faulty tach, you can feel the dips and see the oil pressure react as well.

A smaller problem... Turning the wheel while stoped or at low speed makes a squeek that sounds like rubber against metal. I thought I remember someone writing about a rubber bushing that I could lubricate.

Thank you for your opinions

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