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Is it OK to switch your dentist or, say, doctor

if you don't feel satisfied with him or her? Would it be impolite? I know I'm the one who's paying, but how can one do it without seeming rude? Ya know? I don't think my dentist is rude or mean, but I feel like I'm taking up his time when I ask questions after a procedure is finished (and maybe it's just me). Basically, I just feel it is difficult to speak with him about my concerns. I can't say if the work he has done on me is good or not because I've not gone to other dentists before. I kinda feel I'm spending way too much money on my dental care and feel not much has been done. And I feel my dentist is telling me I *might* need to do this or that...things that may be unnecessary or there might be more affordable options. I don't know. Advice?
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