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Originally Posted by arcticathlon
ok i went to dallas to pick up my new 240D , and on the trip back i noticed some stuff. the seller stated that it lost some oil, and when i had driven it 300 miles, the oil pressure gauge suddenly went down to 1.5. i pulled over and poured more oil in the car, and noticed that the oil dipstick tube is loose. the rubber stopper worn out, and i can almost pull the oil dipstick metal tube out 2 inches. totally loose. that is where i must have been loosing most of the oil.

so... what part number would that rubber stopper be. i tried looking on fastlane and cant seem to locate it. the engine and trans run good, but the trans cant be shifted from 1st to 2nd too fast or it grinds. i read that some people put heavy motor oil in the trans instead of trans fluid. i am ready to do that, but want to know what exactly people used. 15w 40 synthetic?, rotella dino...

also the rear window is leaking when it rains and i need to get that fixed, will i just need to order some rubber gasket, or is it better to have it taken out and fixed by a shop.

the last thing i want some advice for is the steering. it drives really straight, and i dont think it needs an alignment for that reason. but the steering wheel is turned to about 1.5 o'clock (if it were a watch) if i want to drive straight. the steering is really loose, and i could turn it to 12 without it really moving much. now, my 300D was about the same way when i got it, and i had a friend adjust the steering box for me. that (and after an alignment) fixed the steering problem totally. now i have not checked the tierods and steering underneath, so i know some of those components will add to the loose steering.

one really odd thing is that the 240D has manual windows but has the 4 electric window buttons in the center console. tomorrow i will take that off and see if someone just put a newer wood colsole on there that had the buttons on it.

can someone also check the VIN for me and give me the rundown? thanks a ton you guys, and i hope to fix this thing up just as much as i have my 300D.


there is a WDB infront of it, but it is only shown on the title as 123...
when i register the car, is that something that i should have changed or just ignore.
on the steering wheel, i wont be surprised if it has 710 K miles on it. try to turn the allen bolt on top of the steering gearbox clockwise and see if it improves but i doubt it, it will be just harder to drive straight and make minor turn adjustments to keep it straight @ 50 - 70 MPH. been there already, end up swapping gearbox from the slavage yard.
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