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I was originally trying to find out why my vacuum operated headlight adjustments was not working and after reseating all the relays it started working. This is when the question of relay operation came up. The relay behind my battery is a simple 5 pin(female terminal clips on to the relay's male pins) relay with a 30 amp fuse, Bosch p/n (0 332 019 150). I know this controls my A/C compressor. I am trying to find what the relay(001 542 59 15) in slot (R3) which according to my haynes manual is an A/C relay, really controls. I am attempting to troubleshoot an A/C temperature slider control that does not change the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, it is always very cold. In addition, I am trying to find out what the single relay(001 542 95 19) in position C in the additional relay compartment controls. In my haynes manual it says postion C is not used. I have a relay in this position and the socket connected to it is live and has some slight burn marks and melted insulation.
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