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Quik Fix For No Floor Heat

I know it's still warm but this is a problem left over from last winter. My 87 560SEL had no heat on the drivers side floor. The cause was a broken door. The actuator moves a link that moves an arm that rotates the door. The (somewhat common?) problem was that the door was broken where the arm snaps on. The official way to fix it is to remove the entire dash assembly, remove the heater housing, disassemble and replace the door. Sounds like way too much work for this boy. I thought about it for 6 months and this is how I replaced it. I removed the following: ash tray, radio,push button panel,lower dash panel,console side panel, and finally the L/S ductwork. I could now see the door. I drilled a 1/8 hole in the center of the door and installed a long sheet metal screw. I gently pried on the bottom side of the door just above the lower hinge snapping it off. I was now able to remove the door including the hinge pins. Time to install the new door. Drill another hole and install the screw. Cut a 1/4 inch "u" shaped grove next to the upper hinge pin. Stick the door in the opening and feed the upper pin into it's hole as far up as it will go. Tilt the door so the bottom pin drops in place. Remove screw and reassemble everything. This is not an easy job but it sure beats tearing the whole dash out.
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