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Fronts should be interchangeable between all W124 models, so 94-95 ones should work nicely. Why not go for the all clear bosch fronts, like Dsingger has, they are also a bit greyer than the taiwan ones which I have, and look very nice.

No matter what, the taillights and clear corners looks great on all 124's.

94-95 rear lights will fit any w124 except the wagon.

try the fastlane here for the lenses, I found mine at another place for like $73.00 each side.

I got mine from I believe.

My grill had extra chrome, some door edge moulding I bought from pepboys that came in a 25 foot roll. It is plastic but has a chrome look to it, and has some sticky goo on the inside. It was like $8.99. I cut it to fit, and put it on. It looked good for about 3 months, then it started to look bad, so I took it off, and repainted the grille semi gloss black, and put the factory stirps on, it looks great now, but I miss that extra chrome, it was a good look. I would do it again, but I'd rather buy the factory strips and affix them on it.

I just recently switched out my rear orange bulbs for red ones, looks cool, and I like it so far. who knows, I'll probably revert back to orange anyway. hehe

I painted my bulbs lightly by dabbing some silver paint on them to hide them during the day without reducing light output by much.

I also recently, like yesterday, painted my rear trunk star gloss black, it looks bad ass now, I am going to paint the chrome surround on the grille next, but I am going to leave that raised part around the insert chrome, I think it will look cool, and somewhat more updated like the 94-95 style hood, but without actually being it. I might add those eyebrow things, who knows, with euro lights, and those eyebrows and the grille surround color matched, it might give almost the entire appearance of the 94-95 hood.

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