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I am an American working in Kuwait. I have owned 1987 190 euro 2.0 with carb for almost 3 years, the previous owner was a good friend of mine(we are still friends). I paid only $2000 for it. The odometer had not worked in the over 9 years my fried owned it. It was reading 191198 K when it stopped working. I just recently fixed it with the help of this forum. The engine had a complete rebuild about 4 years ago This is a great car for here. I drive about 80 miles a day on my car through the desert and oil fields 6 days a week at speeds in excess of 140K/m and it performs great. The only major problems I have had are A/C related and engine cooling related , though I have ironed out the most of these problems. Mercedes are a dime a dozen here and you can get anypart you want from the dealer at a fair price. The junkyard here is full of every kind of Mercedes every made. However the carb version of my car is not abundant here. This causes real headaches when I find a problem I cant handle on my own. In your case I don't reccomend this car due to the non availablity of parts and real expert advice. This car can not be brought to the US so I am really surprised to find that this one has all the proper paperwork for import to Canada. However this is a real sweet car. My little 2.0 liter has just as much punch as most of the 2.3 190E that are here. It is probably eligible for some type on high mileage badge but I cant prove the exact mlieage. I will give you more details about my experiences if you are interested.
1987 190 Euro
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